Kinect and Windows Store

Microsoft have announced that they are going to enable developers create Windows Store apps - good news for developers like us, that are trying their hands at developing applications for MS Kinect. This ability opens up a new marketplace and hopefully will give a rise to further interest to Kinect of both consumers and developers. It can hardly be said that there a lot of non-gaming applications yet despite a clear interest of users to Kinect apps. In our opinion, Kinect has great prospects. It is already possible for example to navigate MRI and CT scans in the operating room with simple hand gestures ad Get Sure do. Kinect also gives an opportunity to collect real time analytics from the point of sale, such as information about the way customers interact with goods. Moreover, one can make 3D body scanning and use this models in virtual fitting rooms. Or use interactive resource of the sensor to create “live” shop window like we in K-Visor do.

At the same time Kinect v.2 seem to become a real mine of opportunities for developers. It for example, has popular game engine Unity support, better anatomical accuracy, simultaneous, multi-app support.

Perhaps, more business users and developers would show interest for capabilities of using Kinect applications. We already have a lot of new catching ideas to improve K-Visor and expand its functionality. Still, we would be pleased if you share your point of view on what else can be done.