Kinect 2.0

Not far ago Microsoft has announced the next version of Kinect 2.0. They claim to make it even better and easier for users to interact with applications basen on Kinect technologies. So that we shall wait for new incredible applications and new scope of use of Kinect. Here are some improvements in technical chatracteristics:

  • - 1920×1080 (AKA 1080p) 30 fps 16:9 camera compared to 640×480 (AKA 480p) 30fps 4:3 for Kinect 1
  • - 70° horizontal & 60° vertical field of view wide-angle lens . In Kinect 1 it used to be 57° horizontal & 43° vertical field of view standard lens
  • - Recommended minimum distance from Kinect 2.0 for full body tracking (standing)is 4.5 ft instead of recommended distance of 6ft for Kinect 1
  • - Active IR for the video camera to see in the dark/low light, compared to no Active IR for Kinect 1′s video camera.
  • - IR (infrared) TOF (Time-Of-Flight) depth sensor for 3D tracking
  • - 20 ms minimum latency compared to 102 ms minimum latency for Kinect 1 and 50 ms minimum latency for joypads in 60 fps games
  • - IR illuminator after IR structured light projector for Kinect 1.)
  • - Non-motorised manually hand-adjustable-only tilt instead of motorized manually adjustable via joypad & automatically adjusted tilt for Kinect 1.
So, Kinect 2.0 becomes utterly sensitive to any move of user limb and precisely recognizes mimicry. Besides, a problem, when sensor didn’t identify tall people, will disappear. A smart IR sensor enables use of Kinect without limits on lightning. The new Kinect is much more powerful than its predecessor, it records each of 220 thousand pixel separately so is able to build a precise and detailed image of the room.