BI-leasing company was founded in 2010. We are engaged in software development across business intelligence and GIS systems. We have always been paying attention to data visualization and trying to display crucial results of business analysis on the map. We also experiment with new technologies and create products for data visualization, innovative promotion and implement ideas of gamification. We got the idea of creating K-Visor when we saw what a positive reaction our clients had to the interactive information board. Besides, by the meantime the first version of Microsoft Kinect was launched and it became obvious that applications on the basis of such technologies - is something absolutely new, challenging and exciting. We are sure that Kinect has a huge potential for further use in different industries; games, education, exhibitions, hospitals and many more.

K-Visor and apps on the basis of Kinect technologies are our ground for creativity and experiments with new technologies. And we you will share our passion and enthusiasm about this course of development.