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In Kombination mit Microsoft Kinect Gerät und Großbildschirm wird das K-Vizor Ihr 24/7-Marketinginstrument, das Ihrem Unternehmen, Ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen positive Aufmerksamkeit bringt.


K-Vizor erkennt die Höhe einer Person und deren natürliche Bewegungen sowie Gesten und kann einer bestimmten Zielgruppe angepasst werden.

Touchless interface



  • zu installieren und zu nutzen
  • intuitive Benutzeroberfläche
  • interaktive Hilfe-System



K-Visor ist eine interaktive Windows Anwendung, mit der Sie effektiv und einfach Produkte und Dienstleistungen in vielbesuchten Standorten anbieten können. Mehr


G-Shot mobile - new comings for K-Visor 2.0

We are almost ready with mobile application G-Shot Mobile, wich is a utility application for G-Shot. It enables you to make a connection with a stand in front of you by scanning QR code. Mehr

K-Visor(Microsoft Kinect) for shop


K-Visor is an interactive Windows marketing application which allows you to more effectively and more conveniently deliver your products and services in places with big attendances. Regardless of the size of your company, you can use this excellent and affordable application as a marketing tool to promote your products and services across multiple industries in a completely new and innovative way.
K-Visor(Microsoft Kinect) for cinemas lounges, shopping malls, stadiums, entertainment complexes

How it works?

In combination with a Microsoft Kinect device and a large screen, K-Visor becomes your 24/7 marketing tool that will bring positive attention to your company, products and services. This Windows viewer allows you to navigate through various images and video galleries touch free, with just a simple wave of the hand. In addition, Kinect technology has a content filter which recognizes people’s heights, natural movements and gestures. Thanks to this Kinect application, K-Visor can also be adapted to a specific target audience.
K-Visor(Microsoft Kinect)

Where can it be used?

K-Visor can be used to promote your products and services (touch free marketing) in cinemas, waiting rooms, shopping malls, stadiums, halls, sports complexes and other big-attendance locations that attract a significant amount of people. In addition, K-Visor can also be used in hospitals as surgery support. Since a surgeon cannot use a mouse or keyboard, as they are unsterile and pose a risk of infection, K-Visor together with Kinect sensor provides a convenient and effective way to access medical imagery like X-rays without having to scrub out or to work with an assistant. More

K-Visor(Microsoft Kinect) for handicapped and people with special needs

Is that all?

No. K-Visor also helps handicapped and people with special needs. This Windows application is very useful for children and adult people with a broad range of disabilities, such as those who have trouble communicating or those who have trouble moving around. Considering that a lot of shops and facilities are not properly-equipped and do not have the adequate space to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, K-Visor provides a convenient and effective solution. This application allows people with disabilities to navigate through various image and video galleries with a simple wave of the hand, allowing facilities to reach more people and facilitating better experience for people with disabilities.

Xbox One and Kinect v.2

Launching Xbox One Micrososft declared that there could be no Xbox One without Kinect and started selling Kinect as unit of Xbox One. Such a forced bundle draw the fire of users as it made s whole system $100 more expensive over the competing PlayStation 4. Despite it, Microsoft considered that Kinect would be like selling Xbox without a power cord. As Xbox’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Yusuf Mehdi told, “The original vision we had for Xbox One [was as] an all-in-one entertainment device, and it still is, even with the $399 SKU.